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On-line journal for a productive food garden on the edge of the outback in arid South Australia.
With freezing cold winters (frosts to - 10C) followed by scorching summers (temps up to 45C we make use of any water we get (Av rainfall 330.2mm).
The garden beds are shaded (during summer), heavily mulched, humus rich and most are now converted to wicking worm beds (20 beds).
Despite this harsh climate we manage to grow much of our own food.

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Last Week of 2011

December: The Last Week of 2011
This has to be the best year for Dwarf Beans
I'm harvesting a small amount each day!

The week started Hot, cooled down on Monday then the temperature steadily climbed back to 36C by Saturday. The New Year looks like starting off very hot with 39C predicted for the next few days! Argh!!

Early sowing of winter brassicas
Brassica oleracea
Broccoli Purple Sprouting from 4 Seasons Seeds
Cauliflower Romanesco (I usually call this one Broccoli) from The Italian Gardener
Cauliflower Violet Sicilian from Green Harvest
Kale Morton's Mix from Phoenix Seeds
Kale Tuscan Black (Cavalo Nero) from Diggers
Cabbage Ethiopian Brassica abyssinica from Seed Savers Network

Some 'top-up' seeds from earlier greens planting after the rain and heat kind of killed the first lot!!!
Lettuce Butternut
Miner's Lettuce


The Large Mixed and Tiny Spinning Top Gourds
are setting and showing their curious shapes!

It looks like the mystery pumpkins in Bed 6
will be Butternuts!
I don't have a lot of luck growing that variety
and here they are volunteering all by themselves!

***Happy New Year to all***
May your Food Garden
grow well in 2012!
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I live in a rural township in the dry Mid North of South Australia on three town blocks giving us a total of half an acre.

In my mid fifties, I enjoy a simple lifestyle and growing our own food is a large part of that lifestyle.

Our 2 children have moved from home to live their own lives and we now enjoy watching our grand children grow.