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On-line journal for a productive food garden on the edge of the outback in arid South Australia.
With freezing cold winters (frosts to - 10C) followed by scorching summers (temps up to 45C we make use of any water we get (Av rainfall 330.2mm).
The garden beds are shaded (during summer), heavily mulched, humus rich and most are now converted to wicking worm beds (20 beds).
Despite this harsh climate we manage to grow much of our own food.

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The Face of the Ladybird

Update February Week2:
altTiny Ladybirds on the Bronze Fennel...
...just look at that face!!!
Click the photo for a closer look!

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min 4.6C
Highest Max 34.7C
No Recorded Rainfall

Planted out:
Home Saved Bismark Potato tubers in Bed 5 MVG

Seed Saving:
Beans Tongues of Fire
Chamomile German

Layered some Myoporum parvifolium "Pink form" that is overgrowing it's pot.

Next Week To Do:
Clean up and rebuild the Drying Rack
Harvest all Black Sultana Grapes to dry
Pot up Silverbeet and Ethiopian Cabbage seedlings
Tidy/clear out propagation tables and shade house

Harvest Tally:
Doesn't include Greens fed to the chooks on a daily basis or herbs picked for use in the kitchen for cooking or tea making.
Beans Purple King 79g
Carrots Mixed 214g
Cucumber Suyo Long 841g
Leeks Bulgarian Giant 122g
Rockmelon Hearts Of Gold 585g
Squash Acorn Table Queen 818g
Tomato Money Maker 799g
Tomato Stor Gul 42g

Grapes Black Sultana 2416g
Pear William 552g
Plum (Tree 2) 849g

Eggs: Total 22 for week:
15 From the 5 Farmyard Ferals
0 From the Lone Barnevelder
7 From the 4 Faverolles

altApart from the strange ladybird above the Bronze Fennel has become a breeding ground for ladybirds with many of the larval stage feeding on what is a low supply of aphids this year compared to other years.

altFirst harvest of Purple King Beans
brought back memories
of my early gardening days in the 70s.
This was one of the first vegetables I grew.

altThe Red Bor Kale has enjoyed
the cooler summer this year and is thriving.

altSunflower time again!

altI can't wait to taste these Tigger Melons
they are only small but are starting to colour up.

altThis is the only bunch of Grapes that has survived life on the outside of the pergola! Thanks to a bag from a cheap shop. Fortunately under the pergola many bunches have survived the blackbird attack. We will be harvesting the rest this coming week for drying.
altThis volunteer Silvery Fir Tree Tomato
made it's home in the wicking pot
with the Chinese Artichokes.
Both seem to be thriving and the tomato is setting fruit.

To see how the various Garden areas fit on our half acre block check out the newest Map of our place HERE

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I live in a rural township in the dry Mid North of South Australia on three town blocks giving us a total of half an acre.

In my mid fifties, I enjoy a simple lifestyle and growing our own food is a large part of that lifestyle.

Our 2 children have moved from home to live their own lives and we now enjoy watching our grand children grow.